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Welcome To Love and Light Angel Readings

Thank you for viewing my page. My passion lies in guiding you towards a joyful life. I connect through my angels. Being a medium I am able to pick up a person, pet or place by first name. I look forward to helping you connect. I also look forward to assisting you with living a fuller and happier life. Read on for more information!

Individual Readings

Reconnect with a loved one with an individual reading.

Group Readings

Experience your reading with the comfort of family and friends.

Pet Readings

Reconnect with a lost pet with a pet reading.

New Roblin Office

Our new office in Roblin is ready for in-person mediumship readings!

1/2 hr 80.00 |  1 hr $160.00 | Extra person is $20.00 per person.

You can record on your phone. Contact me for more information or to set up an appointment.🕊

If you have any questions, or would like to book a reading, the best way to reach me is on Facebook. You can click the button below to visit my Facebook page, or for more contact options click here.

Spring 2023 travel schedule for in-person mediumship readings:

  • Edmonton ~ March 31st
  • Jasper ~ April 1st-3rd
  • Kendal Sk ~ April 21st-23rd
  • Yorkton Sk ~ May 5th-6th
  • Brandon Mb ~ May 19th-20th
  • Regina Sk ~ June 2nd-3rd
  • Brandon Mb ~ June 16th-17th
  • Red Deer ~ July
  • Calgary dates will soon be updated😊

Travelling Reading Prices: Half hour - $110.00 | Full hour - $220.00

Extra person is $20.00

To book in please send me a message!

You can message me on Facebook or you can reach me on my cell at 2046477960.

How Do I

I quickly and easily pick up your vibrations through you or your pet's name. I channel through my angels and I use a pendulum to help me attach time frames to events and happenings in your life. I only channel the information you are seeking, you help guide your reading experience to seek the answers you are looking for. 

What Is The Benefit of a Reading?

Readings can help provide you with a sense of personal clarity, guidance and peace of mind. You will gain insight in regards to all aspects of your life, from love and relationships, career, finances and general health.