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Meet Shelley, Owner of Love & Light Angel Readings

Born and raised in the beautiful Manitoban prairies, Shelley is a spiritual Libra that grew up enjoying the great outdoors. She loved showing her prized cattle, tending to her animals and in her spare time, loves reading and meditation. 

Shelley is a natural social butterfly and flourishes on creating harmonious environments for all to enjoy. Her love of providing peace, and willingness to help others guided her into the hospitality industry for 30 years. As a single mother to a beautiful daughter, Shelley was successful in transitioning to self-employment and is now celebrating 15 years of being her own boss! Throughout her life, Shelley realized she had the amazing gift of clairvoyance. Her love of people and the ability to experience energy through feelings, sights, and sounds, has given Shelley the desire to share her gift. Shelley channels, and connects through her Angels, thus Love & Light Angel Readings was born. 


Confidentiality & Privacy

Your privacy and comfort is my number one concern. I take the privacy of your information extremely seriously and never share or store your information.