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I met Shelley through a friend of mine. Shelley told me about her gift and I was very intrigued. I set up a session with her and it was AMAZING. Shelley was able to answer all of my questions. What she was able to tell me was unbelievable. It was a very positive experience that left me feeling uplifted, inspired and better about what was bothering me. Thank you Shelley. You are truly remarkable.


Shelley is an amazing reader. Her predictions are so accurate. The way she can connect to you and your loved ones that have passed just through name is phenomenal, that is a true gift. I truly love and appreciate her guidance...

Darlene Martin

I have had 2 readings by Shelly Bates. One was shortly after my Mother passed away. I got goose bumps during my reading because some of the things Shelley had said, there was no way she could have known them unless she was actually talking with my Mother. It was an amazing reading . I got a lot of questions answered.. My second reading was more for myself and my adult children, For this my one daughter was very ill and none of the doc's could figure out why.. After my reading with Shelley and then me relaying it to my daughter and her telling the doc's what to check, they found out what was wrong with my daughter and if I hadn't received that reading who knows what the out come would have been.. Shelley Bates is an amazing medium, I have suggested her to all my loved ones. I trust in her and her gift..


I went to see a psychic medium to see what she had to say, and wow. She is very very good at what she does. I talked to my loved ones that had passed and others that are still around. But what got me the most was was someone came to her and said that I had a tattoo of him and he said thank you for that and keeping his memory alive and with my grandkids too. He talked about the things I also had of him. This person had not known about any of this. The tattoo I have is Elvis Presley. It shocked me. Shelley Bates of Gilbert Plains thank you for making my day. If anyone is thinking about seeing her, she is awesome.


Absolutely loved my reading! Was spot on about a lot things! Very secific to the people I asked about. I've recommended to my friends and family! The atmosphere is really relaxing and comfortable, sets you up for an even better experience.

Jessica Frykas

Amazing.. heartwarming... totally spot on. 100% recommend. ❤️ thank you for your gift. ❤️

Tanya Severight

I saw Shelly this evening and was really amazed how easy this was to do with her. She made me feel instantly at ease and comfortable. She was so accurate with my reading that I walked away with all my questions being answered. I’ll be seeing her again.

Rosalie Pshebylo

Shelley was wonderful and I felt like she was able to get the closure that I have been searching for. she does a fantastic job, highly recommend

Ashleigh Arsenault

I was able to connect with my parents and my new outlook on life! It will be a blast!

Maxine Laity

Shelley was very warm, approachable & a joy to speak with regarding our departed family members. She answered our questions about our pets & loved ones. We will strongly consider another reading in the near future. Thank you Shelley. Love & light.

Leona Solomon

Very accurate and wonderful to deal with. Very warm hearted and lovely person.

Wanda Borth-Helmeczi

I really enjoyed my reading by Shelley, she was so warm and open. Really likes to talk and listen to those she reads for.

Caitlin Kraska

Shelley is amazing. She was able to connect with my loved ones and shared details that were so accurate. The reading was so comforting and I would love to get together again. I highly recommend her. And a lovely person as well!

Norma Duke-Hellyer

She was wonderful from hello! So happy I connected with her! I felt a sense of ease over my whole body after speaking with her! Very thankful! ❤️

Rachelle Dubois

Was an amazing experience. Validated things that I knew were already happening and so much more. Recommend all of my friends and family.

Kim Dubek

A dear friend gifted me a session. and it was more than amazing. I heard from all those on my "list" and then some. It was very accurate, and I appreciated the time. Will definitely do this again! Thank you for the love.

Tess Boehm